Memory Tapes – Not Asleep At The Party

Hell, what a damn brilliant night it was at The Old Queens Head for our second Birthday last night! Thanks to everyone who came down to witness four brilliant sets from exlovers, Tristram, The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, The Moulettes and also the legendary Dave Depares for spinning the tunes through the night. And massive apologies to anyone who couldn’t get in but we sold out damn, damn early kids.

Dayve Hawke aka Memory Tapes aka Memory Cassette aka...

More on that later, but my sorry hungover state demands some music to gently soothe the pain away today and I’ve found Memory Tapes to be a pretty fine tonic. Memory Tapes dropped the excellent “Seek Magic” album on us at the end of last year through those cats, Something In Construction, and hopefully with the intention of making a complete mess of journos end of year lists.

It’s a truly beautiful and wonderfully inventive record from the one man machine Dayve Hawke, who is also the man behind Memory Cassette (remember that great “Asleep At The Party” track we stuck up a while back?) and Weird Tapes. Yep, hence “Memory Tapes”.

Anyway these have been kicking around for a while but we highly recommend you get your ears round these if you haven’t already…

Memory Tapes – Bicycle
Right click, download

Memory Tapes – Green Knight
Right click, download

A single “Graphs” is out next Monday, no news on live dates for 2010 just yet though, but news on another epic OIW shindig coming soon!


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