Delphic Get It On With Phoenix

Yes, yes, you’ve heard all about Delphic by now. And of course you’ve had Phoenix rammed down your pie-hole every other hour until it started to get more than boring. Well, sorry folks, but here’s some more! Mwah-ha-ha!


But despite the overkill, obviously both those acts are awesome and it’s always great to hear something fresh, especially if it involves them combining their talents. So it was a happy occassion when those Aussies from super-label Modular sent us through Delphic’s new remix of Phoenix’s “Fences”. It’s a top tune and part of a push to help promote some Delphic EP that they’re only getting in the US (boo!) in early March with various exclusives on. Here’s the mix, so get your ears round this…

Phoenix – Fences (Delphic Remix)
Right click, download

By the way, if you haven’t picked up the Delphic album yet then you can listen to the whole thing on their myspace at the moment,, so go check it out. Ooh yeah.


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