She’s Good Natured

On the 11th of February we’re going to be back at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen for the second Oh! Inverted World spectacular at the east-london venue. I say “we’re going to be back”, the last time we had a show there I was suffering from the worst food poisoning of my life so missed the inaugural event, which was obviously beyond lame. Remind me to avoid anything that might contain tuna before the show as this time I really don’t want to miss out.

One of the reasons this show is going to be super good is because of a young lady called Sarah McIntosh, aka The Good Natured. She’s 18-years old and has been tipped everywhere from The Guardian, to NME to the kings of pop purveyors, Popjustice. The real people love her too, as shown by several of our friends who upon hearing that we have The Good Natured playing for us have immediately started babbling along the lines of “ZOMG SHE’S AMAZING, LIKE, RIDICULOUSLY GREAT! NO REALLY!”

So what we’re telling you is we’re incredibly excited about this girl and so you should too! She’s also very kindly given us a beautiful track to give to you people. ‘Sleep In Dust’ is hauntingly touching and instantly compelling. Enjoy and make sure you come down on February 11th, all the details are HERE.

The Good Natured – Sleep In Dust
right click, download


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