Introducing Magic & Fur!

So who in the hell are this Magic & Fur band playing the next Oh! Inverted World show!? Well, dear friends, our cleverly designed Q&A will quench your massive thirst for answers to the questions such as, how they got their name, do they like mangos or melons? and do they actually make a good cup of tea?

Magic & Fur - not fans of mangos OR melons?!

As an intro though we’d like to mention that they are actually incredible and we’re amazingly excited to have them on the bill for our mega-show at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Feb 11th. They will also be playing with the awesome Official Secrets Act and another hot tip for ’10, The Good Natured. Amazing. Oh, and there will be wild visuals, incredible DJ’s and the usual crazy scenes we’ve come to expect from an OIW shindig. Yeah, you kids just don’t know when to go home, haha! You can come along for just a fiver if you get in there quick and book your tickets in advance from HERE too.

So following those self-indulgent words from our sponsors, on with the show!

– How did you come up with the name Magic & Fur? Everybody loves Magic, Most love Fur and “Captain Pancake and the Wet Dreams” didn’t sit too well with the rest of the band.

– What kinda antics can the super-cool crowd at OIW expect from Magic and Fur? Toe-tappin, bone-snappin, whip-crackin and flap-jackin!

– Obviously your forthcoming gig at Oh, Inverted World will be the best experience of your life, but as this hasn’t happened yet, what’s been the best gig you’ve played? We’ve not done too many, But the last one at Hoxton bar and Kitchen for the Kilimanjaro night was a goodun, until all our animal masks got nicked by a band that looked like Sigue Sigue Sputnik, which is a shame because I always really liked Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Oh well.

– How did you come to make music together? Met in a room, had a little think, decided it was working.

– What other artists have you been digging recently? Liking “Here we go Magic” “The Go-Betweens” “Castanets” “Captain Pancake and the…Oh god.

– Mangos or melons? Neither, they both taste a bit wrong to me.

– Would you rather be attacked by a shark or a bear? Do i have to die? If i had to die it would be a Shark but if I survived definitely a Bear.

– Do you make a good cup of tea? Milky, lots of sugar, Comfort tea for me… is that good?

Yes guys, that’s good, we’re milky fans ourselves. So there’s Magic & Fur, and now you can cosy up with your comforting tea, watch the video for their last single “Christine”, and then hit play below and listen to their brilliant track “Us”…

Magic & Fur – Us
Right click, download

If you want to hear more from the guys and get yourselves a free track then head on over to their myspace here… and we’ll hopefully see you for the show on Feb 11th, more details on this on the Facebook event HERE.


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