Radio Dept – Clinging To A Scheme

It’s been a long old while since we’ve heard from those swedes The Radio Dept. They formed way back in the late 90’s, releasing their great Lesser Matters album in 2003 (on XL / Labrador) and their second album Pet Grief 3 years later. And aside from lots of various EPs that’s all we’ve had. Until now…

Yep, there’s been lots of talk about a new record over the last couple of years, vague release dates have been mentioned and passed, but finally we can say “roll on April!” when the guys are definitely (well, hopefully) back with a new un, it’s called Clinging to A Scheme and we’re pretty darn excited to hear it. Here’s a taster of what’s they’ve been up to with the damn cool tune “Heavens On Fire” from the new record, coming soon folks!

The Radio Department – Heaven’s On Fire

right click, download

No word on tour dates yet, but keep your eye on their myspaz for news…


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