This Week at OIW – Official Secrets Act!

Big show this Thursday folks! Official Secrets Act are in town and they’re coming to join our MASSIVE-sized party at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, complete with super visuals, mega DJ sets, and two other awesome acts we’ve handpicked for the night, Magic & Fur and The Good Natured. We’ve already featured those guys, so here’s a word on our headliners for the evening, Official Secrets Act.

Official Secrets Act at Hoxton Feb 11th

OSA have been holed up in deepest, darkest Wales putting down their follow up to last years acclaimed debut, Understanding Electricity. You’re likely to get an exclusive glimpse of the new material at the Hoxton show on Feb 11th which is pretty darn exciting!

Here’s The Fly doing a good job of describing the guys, “Official Secrets Act bring nearly-forgotten pop alchemists Magoo to mind – they share not only a vocalist with a tremulous higher register, but an innate sense of placement and experimentation, too. For both bands, music is more about stretching the existing limitations of pop music than it is about creating a new genre entirely, and OSA’s debut fierily hits its targets” Thanks Fly! Couldn’t have put it better ; )

Now here’s OSA’s track “So Tomorrow” to get your ears around. Go to Hypemachine here to check out some of the great Bloodsport remixes and their “The Girl From The BBC” track too.

Official Secrets Act – So Tomorrow
right click, download

Lawrence Diamond, the band’s bassist, has also written an ode to Oh, Inverted World, which is jolly nice of him indeed:

An Ode To Oh Inverted World

“Oh Inverted World,
If you were a girl
We could travel around the world

In the cafe’s of Paris
our love would embarrass
the old men and their girls

On the streets of Berlin
all dripping with sin
we’d drink to our past and our future

We’d head to the States
the great western lakes
with the stars and the snow and the churches

But the truth is so clear
you’re not really here
so we must just turn up, sing, and depart

But if you give us a chance
we may leave a scar
of dancing and love and romance”

What a verbose young chap!

This all sound good? Well advance tickets for Thursday are just a fiver (£6 on the night) from ticketweb. The Facebook event is HERE for more deets on the night or just get clicking the flyer below…


One thought on “This Week at OIW – Official Secrets Act!

  1. I’m really into I’m really into Official Secrets Act so I’m glad you mentioned them 🙂 I was trying to find bands similar to them. I came across this new band also from Liverpool called Sound of Guns, don’t know if you’ve heard of them. I’d really recommend them. Here is their official site-

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