Petter & The Pix

Something from the land of Sweden today on Oh, Inverted World with a band called Petter and The Pix. The Swedes, who are currently fulfilling their duties on tour as Miike Snow’s backing band, are set to release their second album – Good As Gold – in the UK in May through Gung-Go! Records. Having had a good listen in the past week or so I can happily confirm that it is Proper Good. Genre-bouncing through Americana, Afro-beats, alt-folk and the occasional Yeasayer-esque freak out, it’s an album that gets progressively more interesting with every listen, a pretty rare commodity.

As it turns out these fellas have a fair few connections. Petter is the brother of Pontus Winnberg, otherwise known as one half of Bloodshy & Avant. Whilst his brother worked with the likes of Britney Spears (notable on ‘Toxic’), Petter moved to Iceland and recruited school friends – alongside members of Múm and Gusgus – to force his own creative vision into life. What I would like to see next is some kind of Britney-Múm collaboration – IMAGINE!!!

Less talking, more listening…

Petter and The Pix – Momentarily Lost


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