They want your blood, your Surfer Blood

A hyped to insanity, young, innovative band from Florida that aren’t The Drums? Yup, as it turns out there’s room for more than one hotly tipped band in the southern state more commonly famed for theme parks, alligators and retirement homes. They’re now producing such hip bands ones that even scenesters in Brooklyn would be proud to salivate (and other bodily functions) over them.

I’ve been living with Surfer Blood’s debut album ‘Astro Coast‘ for a while now and whilst initially I very nearly dismissed it as yet another over-hyped band producing overly average indie surf rock, I was wrong. It’s more back to basics than a hell of a lot of the more orchestral and electro themed indie that’s around at the moment. There are no bleeps, violins, synths, child choirs, any of that stuff that people are mixing up thinking it makes them current. This is mainly because Surfer Blood are aware that their songs are strong, and well they’re not Ellie Goudling pretending she’s folktronica and thus revolutionary. This is back to basic guitar driven Americana by 23-year old boys in plaid shirts and I’d forgotten how good that could be!

They’ve just been over to the UK so probably won’t be back until the obligatory summer festival run, but definitely one to check out.

Now this is a top tune:

Surfer Blood – Fast Jabroni
Right click, download


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