Cloud Control

So yesterday while I was strolling to work it really felt like summertime had landed, birds were singing, the sun was beating down like it really damn meant it, and then this tune slipped into my ears and the illusion was complete… Cloud Control are from Oz so I guess it actually is summer or something like that over there for those lucky folk.

The tune in question, Gold Canary, has some great chanting, ooh-ing, wooping and bucketloads of chirpy charm. It’s also got some really cool nods to bands that we dig over here at OIW, and is a woozy call to winter that it’s time is up! Yeah, you heard, get your coat and get the hell out of here you miserable bastard! We’ve had enough of you already… Now, hit “play” and let the sun shine!

Cloud Control – Gold Canary
Right click, download


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