Voice Of The Seven Thunders

So if you didn’t already know, then we were on the radio the other day. Yep, Huw Stephens was chatting us up on his Radio1 show as DIY Label of The Week. Which was of course very nice of him.

But just before our feature Huw played a track that gave me shivers, the good kind of shivers. It was by a band called Voice Of The Seven Thunders and it sounded amazing. And it is amazing. And that name! It’s kinda up there with “I Love You, But I’ve Chosen Darkness” as one of those brilliantly epic titles.

You know you’re gonna get something that you don’t hear every day when some guy tells you he’s in a band called “Voice Of The Seven Thunders“, it’s all fuzz and heavy driving guitars, like a long psych-out jam that you managed to catch on tape.

So the albums already out and I’m off to get my copy. Have a listen to this and decide whether you are too…

Voice Of The Seven Thunders – Kommune
Right click, download


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