Through the woods and the red oaks

James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow, a singer-songwriter from Dublin city, is new to our ears here at OIW. It’s easy to yawn and quickly dismiss him as yet another overly sincere male singer-songwriter strumming a guitar, and to be honest we were tempted. Thankfully we didn’t make this mistake with Mr McMorrow. In amidst a sea of beardy folky types strumming guitars, this is a man who manages to really standout. With his hauntingly gentle vocals, guitars as warm and cosy as an open fire, you’d expect this to be a cheesy as fuck affair, but it’s not. As lovely as it is affecting, there’s a hell of a lot of fragility on display here. And images of trees. Loads of trees. One thing you can’t ignore is how similar in part McMorrow is to fellow beardy ‘fan of trees’, Bon Iver. That’s not a criticism, Bon Iver is awesome on toast, and McMorrow’s different enough and good enough not to be accused of being an imitator.

Anyways, the reason we’re chatting about him today is he’s coming to play Oh! Inverted World at the Old Queens Head on April 22nd, which is incredibly exciting indeed!

It’s a while off yet, but to get you fully prepared here’s a track from his new album ‘Early In The Morning‘ he’s kindly donated for your enjoyment…

James Vincent McMorrow – Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree

Right click, download


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