Oh! Incongruous Woe

Hello everyone, Joe Bish here (Managing Director of Hot Sauce Thursday) with a guest blog entry.

One of the many merits of Oh! Inverted World is its’ original and striking namesake. It’s the sort of memorable name that is never forgotten or mistaken, especially by those who’ve attended and experience the awesome.

However over the years since its’ inception, O!IW has been plagued by a select few people (who, for legal reasons, will have to remain anonymous). Here is a small collection, varying in disaster, of name faux pas’.

Ladies and Gentleman: Oh! Inverted World- Outtakes:

Oh! Inverted Wand

Oh! Introverted World

Oh! Invertible Air Duster

Oh! Inverse Weald

Oh! Incongruous Woe

D’oh! Inverted Wind

Oh! Unstable Pearls

Oh! Excretable Mole

Oh! Indented Shawl

I hope you all enjoyed reading those as much as I enjoyed hearing them, and subsequently relaying them on this blog.

Keep it real.

HST Managing Director and CEO Joe Bish


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