The Antlers

How I missed out on The Antlers “Hospice” record first time around I have no idea. It wasn’t until I saw they were on the bill for the ever fantastic End Of The Road Festival that I stumbled across something utterly heartbreaking.

The Antlers

“Hospice” is written around losing a close friend to cancer, and as uncomfortable as that sounds it’s incredibly beautiful and devastating at the same time. The subject matter only makes the delicate, sombre songs sung by Peter Silberman even more highly emotive.

The Antlers also self-released this record, and by all accounts the demand for people desperate to get their hands on the record was more than they could handle. So they finally re-released through French-Kiss Records late last year.

If you haven’t already, then have a listen to the haunting “Kettering” and the gorgeous “Two” below.

The Antlers – Kettering
Right click, download

The Antlers – Two
Right click, download

The Antlers play End Of The Road Festival in September, no word on any more UK dates yet but keep an eye on their myspace here,


One thought on “The Antlers

  1. This is amazing. I never heard(of) these guys before and all I can say is that I’m grateful that I have know. I love how Kettering starts out almost whispering in the most heart breaking way and then transcends into something almost noisy/shoegazy but equally beautiful. Blown away.

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