Clock Opera vs. Marina

Clock Opera (taken by Anna Batchelor)

My oh my OH MY do we love Clock Opera. Carving their name as not only one of the most exciting new bands in London, but also as the remixers du jour having recently come out with some spectacular remixes of tunes by the Phenomenal Handclap Band, The Golden Filter and now the lady of the hour Marina and The Diamonds. We got a bit over excited about this particular remix of Marina’s new single ‘I Am Not A Robot‘ a few months ago when we first heard it on an illegal youtube stream (we didn’t realise it was an illegal stream at the time y’see, we’re very musically responsible). The fact alone that geeks (yes, people like me) have been desperately salivating about getting hold of this remix that illegal streams of the track have been popping up for months just goes to show what a name Clock Opera is becoming for the hype-machine generation. This is a stunning remix making a quite pretty song insanely powerful and affecting. And yes, we know that we might sound a bit like Clock Opera’s groupies on these pages sometimes, but really, it’s because they’re just pretty damn spesh.

So here it is, we think you’re going to find it pretty gorgeous…

I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera remix) – Via Neon Gold
Download via Neon Gold here

You can also (and you should) go buy a high quality version of the remix through iTunes.

They’re playing a few dates next few months, including the Camden Crawl next weekend, so make sure you go check them out:

01st May – Live at Leeds, Leeds, UK
02nd May – Camden Crawl, London, UK
04th May – Standon Calling pre-festival party, London. UK
21st May – Stag & Dagger, London. UK
05th Jun – Pop Dakar Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
07th Aug – Standon Calling Festival, Hertfordshire, UK

Clock Opera’s new single ‘A Piece of String‘ is out on June 7th through Maman Records and to celebrate they’ve made a cool little stop-start viral which we have RIGHT HERE


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