SUPERHUMANOIDS – “Music to help kiss the doldrums away!”


We can’t quite believe we’re announcing our third release already, but kids, it looks like we are! And we couldn’t really be more stoked to be releasing the first EP from LA buzz band Superhumanoids this July!

The four piece formed in a bedroom in what they all an “an electronic experiment to escape the everyday of the everyday…an exploration of pop through a spaced-out, kaleidoscopic lens. “. As abstract as that sounds, their tunes are exactly that. With the lo-fi electronic sounds akin to the XX, Beach House style floaty vocals and a sound that’s well, uniquely theirs and uniquely current, essentially it’s just god damn brilliant and we’re predicting bloggers across the geekaverse are going to get a wee bit excited about Cameron, Sarah, Max and Evan.

To introduce you guys to our newest OIW recruits we’re giving away a track from the new EP, FOR FREE AND EVERYTHING.


Superhumanoids – Hey Big Bang
Right click, download


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