Pop Friday


As you may be aware, there was an election yesterday on our little isle. Depressed and tired as you might feel today in the dawn of the possibility of a David Cameron shaped prime minister (!!), pop might make you feel a little better. Sure, it won’t entirely take the pain away, but trust us, these tunez will help.



Canadian popster LIGHTS is a BIG DEAL in her homelands of Canada. Like the girl’s had 22 million myspace streams, 14 million youtube plays, won a Juno Award for the ‘Best pop album of the year’ and yet she’s not so well known on these shores. Hopefully that’s about to change and a brief stint over in the UK this month playing Dot to Dot festival and other dates should help that. Here’s her new single ‘Saviour’ remixed by that slightly creepy Owl City guy.

LIGHTS – Saviour (Adam Young remix)

Right click to download


Midnight Juggernauts

Melbourne’s Midnight Juggernauts were possibly my highlight of an otherwise pretty crappy Camden Crawl last weekend. They’re just so much fun, and despite the fact I was pummeled in the head with a pint glass during their set, it was still my best experience of the crawl. As I said, not the best Camden Crawl ever.

They’re releasing their second album ‘The Crystal Axis‘ on May 28th and here’s a brand new song which is clearly too good to be a b-side.

Midnight Juggernauts – Get Connected (B Side)

Right click to download


LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy, now he’s a bit of a legend. I’d go so far as to say he’s my favourite 40 year-old DJ. LCD’s new album ‘This is Happening‘ has taken a few listens for me to ‘get it’, but it deserves your attention. Here’s a tune…

I Can Change – LCD Soundsystem


If you don’t, then I would suggest listening to The National’s stunning new album ‘High Violet‘ on repeat. Now they’re a happy bunch.


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