Excuses, Excuses

Last night Oh! Inverted World descended once again on the Old Queens Head in Angel. It was an awesome night and thanks so much to Left With Pictures, Emit Bloch and Look, Stranger! for coming down. A particular highlight for me had to be Emit leading a singalong to Kelis’ 2003 hit ‘Milkshake’, damn right it’s better than yours!

As always though not everyone could make it and at the beginning of the night there was a flurry of texts from friends detailing various different ailments, World Cup watching commitments and varying states of ‘exhaustion’ that meant they were unable to attend. It was at this stage when the soundcheck was still running a bit too late for our liking that we started to get the infamous ‘Promoter Fear’. For those of you lucky enough not to be acquainted with Promoter Fear, it’s basically like throwing a birthday party every month and experiencing the dread and the sick-inducing internal monologue which goes something like “OHMYGOD NO ONE’S COMING, I’M SO ALONE! EVERYONE HATES ME! I HAVE NO FRIENDS” etc. etc. Mercifully our fears weren’t realised and it was a wonderful evening, but it was still inspiration enough for us to do start drawing cartoons that really expressed our inner fears. So here we are, NOW THIS IS ART!!

By Christopher George

By Joe Bish

By Christopher George

By Christopher George

By Joe Bish

By Caz Beashel

By Christopher George

By Joe Bish

And here for no other reason that it’s a fitting title and a good song is a tune by the Morning Benders…

The Morning Benders – Excuses

Right click to download

If you have any better drawings of excuses for not coming to O!IW then feel free to send them over!!


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