Coming Up On July 22nd…

July 22nd, The Old Queens Head (London)

Having been prevented from adorning our stage in April due to volcano related nightmares stopping him from crossing the sea from Ireland to England, Dublin’s James Vincent McMorrow is back on our bill and hopefully will this time be on our stage! In amidst a sea of beardy folky types strumming guitars, this is a man who manages to really standout. With his hauntingly gentle vocals, guitars as warm and cosy as an open fire, you could be thinking ‘sounds like these tunes would be a good sync for an especially emotional moment in One Tree Hill’, which is kinda true, but in the bestest possible way. As lovely as it is affecting, there’s a hell of a lot of fragility on display here. And images of trees. Loads of trees.

Leeds six-piece Bear Driver are one of the most exciting new British bands at the moment. They’ve been compared to Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire and Yo La Tengo, which basically means they play impeccably indie fuzzy pop songs and are set to astound you on July 22nd.

The last time the wonderful Dufflefolks played for us Morrissey turned up. This time we’re expecting Neil Young to pop on down to Essex Road, and of course he would cos these guys from Hertfordshire have got some damn good tunes.

Along with the amazing bands we’ll of course have a DJ set by the one and only Dave Depares. We know he gets you grooving. Woo!


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