Miniature Tigers

Miniature Tigers

Being a sucker for bands that sound cute and cuddly (Grizzly Bear, Frightened Rabbit, Dr Dog, Freelance Whales to name but a few), I had my suspicions that I’d probably like Phoenix’s Miniature Tigers. They’ve been making very listenable indie-pop for the last four years, but I’m only a recent convert after noticing that O!IW’s own Superhumanoids were playing with them and the equally wonderful Spinto Band. Turns out it’s a good time to get turned on to these small tigers as they’re releasing their new album ‘Fortress’, an lp full of instantly loveable fuzzy indie pop, this week through Modern Art.

Here’s a video from their last album ‘Tell It To The Volcano’. Genuinely quite disturbing.

And here’s something new!

oh, you freaky, freaky tigers.

Gold Skull – Miniature Tigers


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