Saint Saviour – One Scorned Woman

There’s been a lot of holy talk this weekend, what with the ol’ Pope in town and all. We’re not going to go into a lengthy rant on all the controversy surrounding his visit, as frankly you can read proper reporting about that on the Guardian website and we are a mere music blog. But, what Pope Benedict XVI has served for us is a nice (admittedly VERY tenuous) link to the very special lady we want to mention today, one angelic singer-songwriter by the name of Saint Saviour – thanks Pope!

You may already be aware of Becky (aka Saint Saviour) from her phenomenal work as a guest and session vocalist. In 2010 thus far alone she has recorded an album and toured incessantly with Groove Armada as their lead singer, as well as working with Joe & Will Ask, The Slips and Punks Jump Up. Productive, eh? How many internationally known artists have you toured with this year?? Personally I’ve toured with zero, so she’s at least 5 up from me. This is probably because she’s pretty good and I am not, Groove Armada’s Andy Cato has even gone as far as to say she is the ‘performer of her generation.’ I’m waiting for such acclaim for myself, sure it’s only a matter of time…

So in short, this is a pretty special lady with a voice that resonates with a beautifully spine-tingling almost heartbreaking quality. See below for proof.

Saint Saviour – Fallen Trees

Aaannnnnd, here is upcoming single ‘A Woman Scorned

Saint Saviour – Woman Scorned

Saint Saviour plays her first full solo show at London’s Bush Hall on October the 23rd, 2010.

5 thoughts on “Saint Saviour – One Scorned Woman

  1. SMILExxx Her voice transfixes you, it stops you in your tracks and you begin to think, “is this heaven”….there’s a tear in my heart. Phenomenal.

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