Liam Bailey – he’s playing on Thursday!

Liam Bailey

This Thursday the 28th of October, we are delighted and honoured to have the pretty special Liam Bailey playing at Oh! Inverted World at the Old Queens Head. The 25 year old singer-songwriter from Nottingham makes retro R&B like a modern day Otis Redding and has a voice that will soothe even the biggest, most hellish of hangovers (I am testament to these healing qualities). Recently signed to Polydor and with an album coming out in January produced by Amy Winehouse’s main man Salaam Remi, we reckon this might well be the last chance you have to see Liam in such an intimate place as our home at the Old Queens Head.

Check him out performing ‘It’s Not The Same’ at the Federation House Social Club in Nottingham.

Good in’t he? We’ve also got a track to give to you guys for free cos we like you that much…

I Belong – Liam Bailey

Also on Thursday we have Isle of Wight boys The Shutes headling. They’ve been getting a ton of buzz recently, including NME who say they’re the “most far-out rock’n’roll joyride to have left IOW since August 31, 1970 when Hendrix’s trailer pulled out”, which is pretty good! To us they’re the South Coast’s answer to Sleepy Jackson, and we’re pretty happy about that. PLUS opening for us is a young man from Scotland called Aaron Wright. He’s got members of Belle & Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub and Camera Obscura in his band, and he sounds like the Beach Boys, which is nice. His first EP is out on the 1st of November and this is his only current London show, hooray!


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