Sweet Toothed Tunage…

Some nice tunes floating around of late, and by nice we mean sweet and sugary, both combined into some kind of indulgent and slushy musical cake. Mmmm. cake. Here’s a slice from Sweden’s Death And Vanilla who are sounding a bit like a french fancy right now…

Death And Vanilla – Ghosts In The Machine
Right click, download

Then there’s the quite wonderful Shutes, who are more of a lemon drizzle cake and had these nice words to say following their jaunt over from the Isle Of Wight to play one of our shows recently, “thanks alot for having us play Oh, Inverted World last week!!!! It’s rad to see a cool night happening in London, especially one named after a Shins album!” which is of course super-nice of them and entirely true ; ) Here’s a taste of one of the ace tunes from the EP they gave us on the night (for money, OIW pay their way don’t ya know!).

The Shutes – Hits Like Mourning

And finally, if you’re not feeling slightly queasy already, we’ll end on an indulgent black forest gateau portion of two superb tracks from Twin Shadow with added cream for those with an exceptional sweet tooth.

Twin Shadow – Castles In The Snow

Twin Shadow – Forget

Er, more music and less food-related nonsense coming soon. And if you’re in London then tonight we host La Shark, Brute Chorus and Islington Boys Club at Madame JoJo’s in Soho with co-promoters Lottarox and Future London Underground, doors are from 7:30pm but will be buuusy so don’t get there too late. Then next Thursday we have a big old boat show on the Thames for Superhumanoids, My sad Captains and Sunderbans, it will be spectacular and more details can be found here (just click that there poster below!)…


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