Boyz and bearz

Being a person who likes both boys and bears, I knew I’d like these five guys from Sydney even before my ears were treated to their folk-rock wonderfulness. Of the three songs I’ve heard from Boy & Bear I’m hearting on all of them, particularly the rousingly stampy ‘Rabbit Song’. They’re in the UK next week and celebrating their EP launch with Chess Club at the Luminaire on December 8th. It’s sold out, but perhaps you could mug a few folky beardy types near the venue – that’s a joke by the way, we don’t actually condone theft of any kind. Really.

Here’s a pretty nice video they’ve done. I kinda want that hat.

And here’s a track called ‘Mexican Mavis’ that you’re probably going to like.

Right click, download

And finally, here’s a bear that we guarantee you’ll like…


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