New Year, New Other Stuff

So we’re a full 5 days into 2011, and a full month and 5 days since we last added some astute ramblings onto this esteemed blog. What the hell have we been doing? And were there monkey pirates involved? Well, December consisted of an awesome Oh! Inverted World with Cibelle (God, she was incredible), Inca Gold and Saint Saviour; endless Christmas parties; James becoming The Human Hamster after becoming infected and fatboothed by Mumps; mulled wine; scrabble; ill-fated trips abroad; mince pies and Big Gigs (Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, Biffy Clyro). On the final day of December we were treated to the first ever Oh! Inverted World wedding at the Old Queens Head for O!IW’s veteran Aussie Danyelle Mastroianni and her beau Daniel Bolden. Twas a tremendous day and our very own Sam Seager was even the resident photographer!


so yeah, we’ve been busy and we’ve neglected our blog writing duties. We sorry, please forgive us! To make up for this inexcusable laziness, here are some nice things for your ears.

1. Grouplove – Colours An amazing new band who we hope to chat to you more about very soon.

2. Twin Sister – All Around and Away We Go More Brooklyn cool types.

04 All Around and Away We Go 1

3. Marques Toliver – White Sails – ahhh, we just love a bit of New York classical soul by an ex-busker.

Phew, that’s better!

O!IW will be back at the Old Queens Head on JANUARY 20TH for out THIRD BIRTHDAY!!! More details to come very soon.


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