I’ve Got A Bum Knee

So, last July on my birthday I was encouraged* by our resident photographer Sam Seager to leapfrog over fellow photographer tall boy Ross Cooper. It ended badly and I ended up spectacularly failing to leapfrog and rupturing my ACL (that’s anterior cruciate ligament, kids). Fast forward 6 months to Valentines Day and it was FINALLY time for me to get surgery to fix the damn thing. After two hours of being unconscious I awoke in a morphine haze with two metal screws now inside me and drill holes in my leg. Definitely the most romantic Valentines Day I’ve ever had. What got me through the day, other than NHS tea and digestives, was the knowledge that I was not alone with failed knees. Nope, rapper Drake ruptured his ACL on stage and even got a twitter account dedicated to his knee. (No such dedication for my poor knee – c’mon guys!)

Then there’s Josh Homme who’s suffered loads with his shit knee over the years, and even apparently died on the surgeon’s table during his last surgery!

Josh Homme - Crap Knee

And finally even Homer Simpson had surgery to reconstruct his ACL after a basketball accident.

Basically I’m quite literally not alone and as devestated as I was to miss the last incredible Oh! Inverted World with the amazing GROUPLOVE, Chad Valley and Big Deal last week, I have at least managed to watch every episode of Come Dine With Me ever created, so really I’ve been quite productive.

So, to cheer myself up more than anyone else really, here are some nice tunes that have helped me through these crippled times. If YOU have a damaged ACL, these tunes are for you!!


Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun


Crocodiles – Sleep Forever


Young Galaxy – We Have Everything

* – he couldn’t stop me


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