September 15th

It’s the end of summer and it’s time to buy new stationary and go back to school. Booo! Skool sucks man! Although having not been at school or university for five years now, and the weather never getting above mediocre at best the past few months, I guess it really makes literally no difference to me. Still, I’m waiting (dreaming) for the day when my office breaks up for six weeks in the summer. One day…

Aside from the big news that I’m no longer a student and don’t enjoy obscenely long holidays, the other news is what’s happening on September 15th at the Old Queens Head! Yup, we’re celebrating the fact that we’re not going back to school and life is generally not really changing much by having the amazing Alice Gold, Violet and Kerrigan on stage to entertain you. HURRAH!

Here are the all important details…


Alice Gold

Fiction signed London based singer Alice Gold released her debut album ‘Seven Rainbows’ in July and we are uber excited to have her play O!IW this month. Here are some kind words about Alice from The Telegraph… “Alice’s superb guitar-playing blends beautifully with her raw tone and fluent, florid vocals, the spirit of Janis Joplin and Prince coursing across soulful, psychedelic rock songs softened by pop melodies. Smart and catchy, Gold comes into her own live on stage.”



Violet is an exciting new talent this one who we think you’re going to be rather interested to see, but we’re going to keep the info at that to keep it, y’know, ‘mysterious’. Check out the ace track The Run on the bandcamp link.



Glenn Kerrigan has previously played the Oh! Inverted World stage with his band So Say So and now he’s making his return playing new solo material which from what we’ve heard is sounding pretty incredible.

Wow, I bet you’re thinking “what a rather splendid line-up! And even more so for a price of ZERO POUNDS!” You would be correct; this is the definition of quality and value right here, people.

Plus there will be DJs until late. We just keep on giving!

Until next Thursday..


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