November 17th

Woo, it’s the November O!IW line-up! This month we have an exceptional line-up we think you’ll agree. Oh, and once again it’s FREEEEEEEEE!

Check it…

— Yadi —

Yadi is not like other pop musicians. Poised, petite and powerful, Yadi knows exactly what she wants when it comes to her music, creating forward-thinking, instantly catchy documents of her life experiences so far. At just 23, she is a beautiful bundle of contradictions, the product of a genetic cocktail that mixes a North African cultural penchant on her father’s side with Nordic and classical heritage from her mother’s side. For Yadi – born in South London – her music is an aural kaleidoscope of influences, with propulsive, almost instinctive tribal drums mixed with meticulous wordplay, all sung with a passion that sets her apart from the crowd. She is currently recording her debut album, which is set for release early 2012.

— Samuel Deschamps —

Having played the O!IW stage more than any other artist ever, Mr Deschamps is back to entertain us in his very unique and brilliant way. We’re gonna have to make some kinda plaque to commemorate his exceptional service to the O!IW cause soon, tis only fair.

— Foxes —

Sadly last month Foxes was ill with a throat infection and had to cancel. We were gutted as Foxes is one of favourite new artists at the moment and is simply amazing. Thankfully she’s fit us in this month and we can’t wait!

— Lexy —
Opening for us is new artist Lexy who we think you’re going to very much enjoy. Check out a couple of tracks here:


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