September 20th, it’s a little bit special


Oh! Inverted World returns to the Old Queens Head on September 20th for another amazing night!

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “yeah yeah, you do it every month. OF COURSE YOU’RE BLOODY BACK AT THE OLD QUEENS HEAD! Why should I bother to come along this time?

Err, well for one thing we have three astonishing artists on the bill. ASTONISHING I TELL YOU!

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “again, your line-ups are admittedly generally OUT OF THIS WORLD, but I quite enjoy sitting around in my pants watching Family Guy repeats and getting my hand stuck in a pringles tube – can you promise these musicians will be better than this experience? I bet you can’t, loser.

How about we bring along some pringles, you record Family Guy and you get yourself a life? We’ve conducted some research and the fact is these artists and the unique inverted worldliness atmosphere we create are far better than both reruns AND pringles – brave statement, we know.

So we have…


If you’re yet to discover Elephant, then get set for your next music crush. They’re a boy-girl duo who have been together for two years and make incredibly beautiful, lushly-layered, synth-ladened heartache pop. It’s hauntingly wonderful and washes over you in a dream-like manner. We cannot wait to see them live.

————-BEN THOMAS————-

Ben is a British singer-songwriter who has spent the last few years as Adele’s guitarist and is now creating his own incredibly special music. Just a word of warning, the emotional indie-folk he writes is probably going to make you go a wee bit tingly inside. Have a listen here.


Looking Glass started as Jim from My Sad Captains solo recording project and so far he’s have released 3 EPs in the last 3 years, which have had radio play from people like Lauren Laverne, John Kennedy, Gideon Coe, Steve Lamacq and Marc Riley. The set-up has changed from a four-piece band to a one-man setup involving drums, keyboard, sampler and loop pedals.

So how does that sound, lazy friend?

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “Pretty good I spose. Will their be DJs?”

Yes there will.

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “Will they be awesome?

Of course. Stop asking stupid questions!

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “Bring the pringles, and I’m there.


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