January 17th – WE ARE FIVE!

So after an insanely long three month break (!!) WE ARE BACK! Not only are we back with one of the best line-ups we’ve ever had, but it’s our 5th Birthday so we will be celebrating HARD. This is despite the fact it is January and feels like there is nothing to live for. So please come to the Old Queens Head on January 17th and enjoy all of the below FOR FREE.

The line-up is…


old db
Old Dirty Brasstards is a 9-piece drum & brass combo, playing The Beatles to Lady Gaga by way of En Vogue. They are probably the most fun thing you’re going to see in 2013 and we very much recommend you do not miss out!


Returning for the third time (and for their second birthday celebration with us) is the truly wonderful Goldheart Assembly. They’re an Oh! Inverted World favourite and we’re super chuffed to have them back!



We’re super excited to also welcome KHUSHI onto the stage. Tipped as One to watch for 2013, KHUSHI is lead by a London born singer songwriter’s beautifully crafted and relentlessly catchy alternative pop songs which are a marriage of disarming honesty and irresistible melodies. As the always on it Disco Naivete says, this sounds like an excellent mix of The National, Alt-J, tUnE-yArDs & Bon Iver.


Nosaj Thing



One of the most beautiful videos of the year perhaps? It’s definitely pretty damn lovely. Nosaj Thing with Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino on vocals turns out to be a pretty perfect combo. 

The Child of Lov – Heal

Now for a bit of healing. This is ‘Heal’ the first single from The Child of Lov’s debut album, which will feature contributions from some people you might have heard of…DOOM, Thundercat and Damon Albarn – nothing major then…

The Child of Lov writes, produces and performs his music using guitars, a cheap pink bass, a keyboard, some self-made instruments, a lot of raw vocal harmonies and a big hip hop heart. He started making music secretly at age 15, and even now in his early twenties, likes to retain some privacy. TCOL has been living more or less like a recluse for the past few years, spending time in London, Paris and Amsterdam but being more artistically rooted in the southern state of Georgia, USA. This wandering solitary one man music collective is currently working on his first album, to be released by the Domino affiliate Double Six.

Check it out here…

October 18th at the Old Queens Head!

We’ve been trying to deny it, but we’ve come to accept that it is in irrefutably Autumn and it is definitely ‘Sweater Weather‘. This is okay though as we look rubbish in bikinis and enjoy comfort food, seriously you should have seen James down the beach in his two piece this summer…* Crap weather is also more reason to come to the the cosy confines of the upstairs of the Old Queens Head to hear some particularly warming artists on one of our best line-ups of recent months.

On the bill for October we have…

For the second time, as they were so good the first, the wonderful Harry Oakwood (Millionnaire)

Our friends the equally brilliant musicians, The Sea and I.

And opening we have the ridiculously good Alexander Wolfe

Hope to see you there!

* – admittedly this is lie, but a great visual nonetheless.

September 20th, it’s a little bit special


Oh! Inverted World returns to the Old Queens Head on September 20th for another amazing night!

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “yeah yeah, you do it every month. OF COURSE YOU’RE BLOODY BACK AT THE OLD QUEENS HEAD! Why should I bother to come along this time?

Err, well for one thing we have three astonishing artists on the bill. ASTONISHING I TELL YOU!

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “again, your line-ups are admittedly generally OUT OF THIS WORLD, but I quite enjoy sitting around in my pants watching Family Guy repeats and getting my hand stuck in a pringles tube – can you promise these musicians will be better than this experience? I bet you can’t, loser.

How about we bring along some pringles, you record Family Guy and you get yourself a life? We’ve conducted some research and the fact is these artists and the unique inverted worldliness atmosphere we create are far better than both reruns AND pringles – brave statement, we know.

So we have…


If you’re yet to discover Elephant, then get set for your next music crush. They’re a boy-girl duo who have been together for two years and make incredibly beautiful, lushly-layered, synth-ladened heartache pop. It’s hauntingly wonderful and washes over you in a dream-like manner. We cannot wait to see them live.

————-BEN THOMAS————-

Ben is a British singer-songwriter who has spent the last few years as Adele’s guitarist and is now creating his own incredibly special music. Just a word of warning, the emotional indie-folk he writes is probably going to make you go a wee bit tingly inside. Have a listen here.


Looking Glass started as Jim from My Sad Captains solo recording project and so far he’s have released 3 EPs in the last 3 years, which have had radio play from people like Lauren Laverne, John Kennedy, Gideon Coe, Steve Lamacq and Marc Riley. The set-up has changed from a four-piece band to a one-man setup involving drums, keyboard, sampler and loop pedals.

So how does that sound, lazy friend?

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “Pretty good I spose. Will their be DJs?”

Yes there will.

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “Will they be awesome?

Of course. Stop asking stupid questions!

Cynical occasional OIW attender: “Bring the pringles, and I’m there.



Oh! Inverted World returns to the Old Queens Head on August 16th with (as ever, obvs) an AMAZING line-up of Secret Son, Hot Soles,and Different Cloth. You’d expect to pay good money for such quality, but no, IT’S TOTALLY FREE!

————-SECRET SON————-

Headlining we have the brilliant Secret Son who we saw play last month and decided we had to get them on the stage at O!IW. It’s whiskey fuelled rock with elements of Casablancas, Echo & The Bunnymen and Black Keys in there. We think you’ll like it.

————-THE HOT SOLES————-

Next up are The Hot Soles who apparently are one of the most incredible new live bands around. Here are the facts…they’re from Rotherham, they’re a two-piece rock n roll band of the old fashioned ilk and are ridiculously fun.


Opening we have the amazing Different Cloth. Describing himself as a “singer-songwriter diagnosed with a jazzy case of the blues” His voice is unique and a little bit special.

Way Before

ML, aka Mr Mickey Lightfoot, is a name you need to pay attention too. The incredibly talented South Londoner has just released his first track ‘Way Before‘ from his upcoming EP ‘As The Crow Flies‘ and it is brilliant. Seamlessly blending alternative hiphop, UK electronica and African rhythms, ML has definitely come up with something that bit different.

Have a listen below:

The Eveningtime

To celebrate the fact it’s actually warm and sunny, we thought it was about time we shared some good ‘n new tunes for your weekday BBQ.

Night Works – Eveningtime

Blissed out loveliness from former Metronomy member Night Works.

Alt-J – Fitzpleasure (The Internet remix)

Best UK band of 2012 remixed by The Internet of Odd Future fame. VIRAL!

Different Cloth – Bitter Song (featuring Saint Saviour)

In August we have the wonderfully interesting Different Cloth at Oh! Inverted World. We’ve been listening to his tunes for a while and are falling a bit in love with them. Here’s ‘Bitter Song’ which also features O!IW alumni Saint Saviour.