The Great Escape Festival – Great (ish?)

The Great Escape Festival – Brighton – 14th-16th May

Ok, so ATP sounded pretty ridiculously awesome. Jealousy is cursing through my veins but back to the topic of TGE this year, I’d love to say I lived it like last year but this was not the case, a last-minute wrangled pass led to missing the first day, turning up in Brighton on a miserable Friday night (the rain was going sideways, yes sideways) and not a clue about where a bed for the night might be.

These are small details though, details that can only be resolved by blurring over the edges with booze and fine music. So, following a quick bottle of red wine and with no idea of who was playing and where, it was over to the Corn Exchange to swap soggy feet for whisky and coke. We caught up with the now legendary Inverted World DJ (and Journo / film maker) Dave Depares and Neil Henson, and debated Mumford & Sons as they earnestly played out their set on the Corn Exchange stage. There were ‘aight, but maybe it was just too late in the day for them, we needed harder stuff at this hour, something to stir the adrenaline and alcohol together into some furious concoction.

So we left for the pub across the road returning 20 minutes later for Metronomy. Things have changed with Metronomy, the giant lights they used to wear on their chests, gone. There’s now a drummer and bass player (one of which used to be with Lightspeed Champion someone yells at me). There’s also confusion,
“this isn’t Metronomy!”
“Yes it f*ing is!”
“No, it’s goddamn not”

Well, regardless of who it was (it actually was Metronomy) it was pretty damn cool and got the party atmosphere going. The next few hours following this are a blur of events that aren’t worth relating, mostly because they are forgotten. The next thing I remember was being somewhere by the sea front to witness a tired Dan Black play at half 2 in the morning. He was pretty entertaining to be fair but it didn’t matter at that hour, tired drinks were being drunk in the back room with tired people including the likes of, OIW favourite, Pete from the ace Exlovers.

Several drunken conversations later and around 5:30am the singer of Brighton band Riot, Riot offered up his digs to crash at along with some Gin, (cheers Dom!). That was pretty much my Great Escape, it kind of limped home I guess. I have no pictures and Saturday meant heading back to London for a friends charity party in Cavendish Square. I was chained to a dominatrix. So here’s my only picture of the weekend, and it’s a slightly disturbing one…