The Dufflefolks Return!

The Dufflefolks!

Awooooo to The Dufflefolks! Despite their tongue in cheek name, these guys really have got something proper special going on. They totally blew us away last time they graced the OIW stage with their wonderfully inventive, amazingly talented and brilliant lo-fi tunes. We can’t explain how chuffed we are to be welcoming them back to open proceedings on July 22nd at The Old Queens Head ahead of their performance at Greenman Festival.

Yep, the ‘folks entered a comp to play Greenman Festival recently and trounced everyone else in sight to win a slot at the festival. It’s thoroughly deserved, you should check out the lovely tune they’ve given us for you below and then get along to their myspace ( and spend some quality time with more of their tunes.

The Dufflefolks – Two Hands Clapping
Right click, download

We can’t imagine anyone who sees them wouldn’t leave with an excited feeling that they’ve just seem something amazing. Plus they’ve promised us “animal hoodies” and if you’re lucky then you might also get “bearded by The Dufflefolks”. Er, yep, like this attractive fella below…

Aside from all that excitement there will also be the amazing James Vincent McMorrow and Bear Driver playing on July 22nd, more details HERE folks!