Ekkoes – TEAM



In our humble opinion, London pop trio Ekkoes have made an even better version of Lorde’s now infamous ‘TEAM’


Nice work guys! You can download the track for FREE on their facebook



As usual, it’s been 10 years since our last post. Because this is the case, how’s about loads of new tunes that have been floating our boat? Great! 

San Fermin – Daedalus

One of the best live shows we’ve seen all year was San Fermin at The Lexington earlier this week. This is the stuff that sets our orchestral-indie hearts aflame

Echoes – Fight The Feeling

Shamelessly pop and ridiculously catchy. A big Well Done to our friends, Echoes. 

Woman’s Hour – Darkest Place

Not a Radio 4 show. Who knew? 

Hilang Child – Chaturanga

If we still were doing Oh! Inverted World live shows ( 😦 ) we’d definitely be looking to book London newcomer Hilang Child. Truly beautiful stuff. 

Bill Callahan – Small Plane

That voice though…



San Fermin – Magic Man remix


Probably our best discovery of the last few months has been Brooklyn’s San Fermin. The track ‘Sonsick’ has been going round our heads since we first heard it a few weeks ago and now Magic Man has got a hold of it and done the impossible by making it even more addictive. 

Check it out here: 

And here’s the original video for ‘Sonsick’ 

The BEST of O!IW


As it’s our LAST EVER O!IW tomorrow *sob :'(* we’ve made a playlist of some of the best artists who have played for us over the past five and a half years. It features the likes of GROUPLOVE Lianne La Havas Anna Calvi Superhumanoids YADi Clock Opera Goldheart Assembly LA SHARK BIG DEAL Bahamas plus loads and loads and loads more. It’s pretty amazing looking back at some of the awesome performances we’ve had the privilege of hosting and we’re going to miss it like hell!

Hope you enjoy!

June 20th: The Final O!IW :(

Yes, it’s true. After five and a half years and over two hundred live performances, June 20th at the Old Queens Head will be our last O!IW for a while, maybe even forever!! :””””( 


To make it less sad and full of tears we’ve booked the best line-up evah to mark the end of “The Best Night in London Named After A Shins Album.” 

Playing for you live and for FREE will be the amazing…

NIGHT WORKS – The dreamily wonderful project from Gabriel Stebbing (formerly of Metronomy/Your Twenties). 

SHEEN – A brilliant East London 6 piece who will be sure to bring the party. Free download here.

MIKE HUGHES – An amazing new folk / Americana artist who’s just been wrapping up his album in the studio with Miles Kane’s band

If that wasn’t enough, June 20th will also be the birthday celebrations of James Hawkins and Tom Gillet, as if we needed any more sense of occasion!

Please come and party like it’s 2008. And this time we will most definitely be bringing cake. 

Much love, 

O!IW xxx

Freddie Dickson



Here’s a track to put you in a sultry mood this cloudy Wednesday morning. Freddie Dickson is a young Londoner who yesterday premiered his first track ‘Shut Us Down‘. We don’t have much more info on Freddie other than that, but this is a simply beautiful track that sent actual shivers down our spine when we first heard it. Very excited to hear more! 

Check it out here: 

We’re sorry

Dear Oh! Inverted World-ees, 

We apologise for our lame lack of blogging these last few months. I would say it’s because we’re all just super busy, but you know Barack Obama is a busy man and I’m sure he achieves more than we do on your average day. 

The good news is we’re returning to the Old Queens Head on Thursday 18th April for another amazing night of free live music featuring…



Who sound something like this: 


Who sound a little bit like this: 




Who makes lovely sounds like this: 


And just because we’re really desperately trying to make things up to you, here’s a bonus cover by D-E-W-L of Grizzly Bear’s ‘While You Wait For The Others’ which has nothing to do with this Thursday’s O!IW but is just really great.